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VolkerBrooks celebrates its 85th birthday


85 years ago, in 1934, Humby and Brooks was formed. The business was later acquired by Harbour and General, which then became VolkerStevin, and was originally renamed as Brooks Contracting Co in 1940. Major clients at the time included companies such as British Railways, ICI, Thames Conservancy, Water Companies and the Central Electricity Board.

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Since 1940, we have expanded our portfolio beyond the original construction plant focus to include the range of services we provide today, to the construction and maritime industries in the UK and overseas. VolkerBrooks continue to support a wide range of clients and the VolkerWessels UK businesses through our plant, accommodation and marine services.

In March 2009 we became VolkerBrooks, as part of the rebranding of all the companies in the VolkerWessels UK group. Happy 85th birthday to VolkerBrooks - here’s to the next 85 years of success!

To find out more about how we can support your project, please contact us on 01524 599400 or enquiries@volkerbrooks.co.uk.  


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