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Linkflote ancillary equipment

Articulating connectors

Where a long raft or block of Linkflote units are coupled together as a causeway, or similar floating bridge structure, articulating connectors are incorporated to prevent bending moments being generated; when the structure is loaded.


Where mobile plant or vehicles are to traffic the Linkflote deck, timber decking should be fitted to distribute the load. Each Linkflote decking is comprised of three pre-assembled mats (one centre and two outer sections). The top surface of the timber mats stands 50mm above gunwale level. End and side junction mats are used to bridge the gap between the Linkflotes creating a deck which is level throughout the ferry or platform.

Decking is also available to fit over spaces created by Linkflote inter-connectors. Special decking can be manufactured to meet specific customer requirements.


Inter-connectors help increase pontoon stability and reduce the number of Linkflote units required on floating rafts and platforms, where increased buoyancy is not required. Various inter-connector sizes are available, giving the flexibility to create a gap between Linkflote units of anything up to 3,600mm.

Linkflote ramps

Linkflote ramp units share the same robust design and construction as pontoon units and can be connected to the ends or sides of the basic Linkflote unit. Ramp connectors allow movement of the ramps and facilitate shore loading and access, whilst accommodating a wide range of tidal heights; relative to the shore or bank.

Linkflote scow ends

These strong and robust units are used to reduce water resistance on the flat sides and ends of a Linkflote pontoon. When used on a pier or ferry application the 30° angular shape deflects the water flow under the Linkflote, aiding buoyancy.

Ramps and scow ends do not have internal compartments; the whole interior is served by a single watertight hatch in the deck, which has the same couplings as a standard Linkflote unit.

Spud units and poles

Based upon the basic Linkflote unit, spud pontoons are constructed with a central sleeve opening which accommodates a spud pole. Used in pairs on Linkflote assemblies, spud units are particularly useful as an alternative to anchors, when operating floating platforms in shallow waters. Spud poles are generally lifted using onboard winches.


Winches can be fitted to Linkflote rafts and platforms and used for mooring or operational requirements. Winches can be hand, air or hydraulically operated and specific configurations can be provided


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