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Linkflote site assembly

Linkflote design allows units to be easily assembed into any configuration

Assembly guide

 1. Linkflotes are connected on the water from deck level with two personnel positioned on each pontoon. By applying weight over the male couplers, Linkflote units will tilt sufficiently to allow the bottom upturned hook couplers to pass under the downturned hook couplers, when the Linkflotes are pulled together.

2. Once the Linkflotes have been pulled together, the two personnel on each unit move position and transfer their weight, to allow the Linkflotes to return to the horizontal (level) position and engages the bottom hook couplers.

3. Finally, the locking pins are inserted into the top couplers. When assembling a raft or platform it is essential that all coupling is executed at one time along a line of couplers (i.e. in rows either all ends to end first, and then all side to side couplers). It is not possible to make an end and side coupling simultaneously in the sequence illustrated.


In a nine Linkflote raft (three by three units) the sequence would be to end couple units to form three rows of three Linkflotes and then side couple each row of three together.


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